Doom cover art


Doom is a world-famous game that has defined first person shooter games. This game is a legend and is known around the world, even among people who are not familiar with the gaming industry.

Doom was ported by fans to all sorts of devices. Some of the ports of the game are truly breathtaking. Doom works, for example, on a pregnancy test, spectrum analyzer, in Windows task manager or on a digital camera. Every day, people can somehow manage to start the Doom on more and more devices.

Doom was originally supposed to look different than we know it today. This phenomenon is actually repeated in many games, often creating something different than was originally planned.

The development of the game began with the creation of the Doom Bible, which was a design document created by Tom Hall, the game's designer. This documentary described the story of the game and its design. The game was planned to have a choice of several main characters and it should have included dialogues that would reveal their story. John Carmack dismissed the idea of a story. This created a character that has almost no story and its only mission is to kill all the living creatures on the planet Mars and its moons.

Based on the game, four novels were written, which expand its story. In these stories, we also find out the name of the main character, which hasn’t appeared in the game. The main character of Doom, named Flynn Taggart, is therefore often referred to as Doomguy.

Doomguy - the player character
(the main character of Doom)

John Carmack is sometimes quoted: "The story in a game is like a story in a porn. It's expected to be there, but it's not important." This quote beautifully illustrates how the story was viewed in the game.

An interesting part of Doom are textures. Many of the images in the game come from the real world. The developers created models, which they scanned and then modified. For example, they modeled entities out of clay, scanned them from several angles, and then edited and repainted them.

Making of Doom boss
There you can see the sketch, clay model and final sprite of one of the Doom bosses.

The developers took care of every detail, so for example, the models of weapons are modified scans of children's weapons from the toy store. Even the hands holding the weapons are the hands of one of the development team (Kevin Cloud) to achieve the greatest possible authenticity. The only weapon that appeared in Doom and is not inspired by a toy is the chainsaw. It was borrowed from a girlfriend of Tom Hall.

Toys used to make gun prototypes for Doom
The toy guns used in production of Doom weapons

However, the developers did not stay only with models made of clay, children's toys, and a borrowed chainsaw. They used other and much more bizarre textures of our world. Adrian Carmack photographed his snakeskin boots and used the texture in the game. The graphic artists even took a picture of a wounded knee of one of the development team and used it as a wall texture. They also took a picture of the Gravis Ultrasound Classic card and used it as the texture of computer cores.

However, the developers returned to toys when they animated the characters. The “pink” monster's movement is inspired by the movements of a dinosaur toy from Jurassic Park. Their movements are practically identical.

The movement of the “pink” demon compared with the dino

The textures of Doom are inspired by the real world so strangely that almost no one even notices. They took the same approach when creating music, but it didn't go so easily. Bobby Prince, who composed the music for Doom, received heavy metal recordings from John Romero that told him to create something similar. Thus, tracks were created that are very similar to the songs of leading heavy metal bands. However, I must admit that this musical genre is really suitable for Doom.

Overall, Doom has a very nice aesthetic impression. Due to its peculiarity, the game became a legend among games. At one time, almost everyone played it, even at work. Employees played Doom over the network, which burdened it because the game was not programmed not to burden the network. The others were downloading it from the Internet. That's why a utility called KillDoom and other similar ones were created. These are tools for network administrators that prevent employees from playing Doom over a network.

In this picture you can see how Doom was significant in usenet posts

Doom was of its time and is still a world-famous game. The Doom engine isn't very revolutionary, but the atmosphere of the game is really great. The textures evoke the right atmosphere, the music completes the right tone. If you haven't played Doom, I can recommend it to you even after so many years.