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Although Revolution Software made games that changed their genre, their development environment was not at the same level as other companies. Eleven developers worked on the game, which was not enough for the conditions of that time. In addition, they didn’t have networked computers in the office, so they transferred files to each other on floppy disks. It should be noted that the game was released on fifteen floppy disks, so you can probably imagine how many circulated around the workplace during development. The same procedure was chosen for the previous game Lure of the Temptress, but Beneath and Steel Sky is six times larger. So, don't be surprised that the development of the game has unexpectedly lengthened. The first version of the game was shown at ECTS 1993 in London with the promise that it would be released in the same year and was finally released in the spring of 1994. But it is not such a big delay.

This game also includes hilarious dubbing, which took some time to hone. Royal Shakespeare Company was in charge of the first version of the dubbing, which did not go well. The first warning signal was that they had managed to curse all 5,000 lines of text in two days. When the developers ran the dialogues, they found that they would have to look for another dubber company. The actors that worked in the Royal Shakespeare Company couldn't play with their voices like professional voice actors, so the result sounded monotonous. So, the interviews were eventually done by professional dubbers. The game is narrated in American and British English, although the story takes place in Australia. The developers knew that no one would understand Australian English. A frightening example was the game Serious Sam, where Australian dubbing appeared, and people didn't really understand it. Due to professional dubbers, dialogues sometimes differ from subtitles because they have adapted them accordingly. However, the overall impression of the game doesn’t spoil it.

The game is accompanied by music, it contains 19 different songs by Dave Cummins. The tracks change depending on the player's position. The locations in the game have their own jingle.

As we approach the end of this article, I would like to mention a few more interesting things. The game was a great success in Europe, with 400,000 copies sold by 2009. It was not so successful in America because it was not distributed on the local market. This was due to the word “bullsh * t” and the breasts that appear in the game before the doctor's office. Yes, because of these two things, the game was not distributed in America.

Beneath and Steel Sky is the first game to be translated into Portuguese, so if you know Portuguese, you can play it. You can download the game for free on GOG in all language editions. This year, the sequel Beyond a Steel Sky, which takes place in the 3D world, was released. You can find it on Steam, and other platforms.

Another interesting fact is that Beneath and Steel Sky should not have been named like that at all. It was supposed to be called Underworld, but that changed after the release of Ultima: Underworld, so they renamed their project to avoid confusion.

The game contains an easter egg, which can be discovered by decompiling the Amiga version boot file. Contains text describing the woes of developers developing an Amiga game. The text is written in ancient English, so it is reminiscent of instructions for using a holy hand grenade.

If you are interested in the game, don't forget to play it yourself. But maybe find a walkthrough guide first.